Services and Treatments

Our services focus on improving the appearance, reconstructing and maintaining a healthy appearance as well as an attractive face and neck. We offer multiple alternatives that include surgery, application of medical products for improving the condition of the skin and the appearance of lips, cheeks, and eyebrows, in addition to noninvasive treatments that regenerate the tissues.

Orbit Facial Surgery has expanded as a discipline within Plastic Surgery to provide excellent alternatives and contributions to the Aesthetics Surgery and Facial Reconstructive fields. As a subspecialty, it extends its focus beyond the eyelid and orbit to other facial aesthetic units such as the eyebrows, cheeks, and face.  This is how the field got its name. Orbit refers to the cone shaped bone that houses the eye; facial refers to the anatomical portions of the face and neck.

Orbit Facial Aesthetics Surgery is focused on using facial rejuvenating procedures and techniques that require very small incisions that produce natural results and shorten surgical time as a way to accelerate recovery and minimize risks. Given the origin of this subspecialty, the orbit facial surgeon has acquired great knowledge of the anatomy of the face and respects its functions seriously. This is the medical professional who handles the sequelae and complications of traditional cosmetic surgeries.

Orbit Facial Surgery prefers hidden internal incisions over external incisions and preservation and redistribution of fat in deficient areas to achieve natural rejuvenation.