Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

The first effects of time, stress, sun exposure, and lack of sleep begin to show on the eyelids of people when they turn 30 to 40 years old. Many people decide to have cosmetic eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty as a first resource when seeking to improve their appearance or remain looking young. When deciding on a surgeon, keep in mind the importance of choosing a surgeon who has full, detailed knowledge of the anatomy of the eyelid, and who can identify the particular needs of each person. 

Blepharoplasty or eyelid cosmetic surgery is not only about removing excess skin; it also consists in restructuring the components of the eyelid -- the skin and fat – to provide a rejuvenated effect and an exotic appearance for some women. In general, the surgeon wants to accentuate the good features of eyes. When these are nonexistent, the surgeon will create them. Based on this premise, eyelid surgery seeks to provide a smooth foundation on which women, for example, can apply eyeshadow and feature the natural folds of the eyelids. The palpebral fold is the line that forms when the eyelid opens. The ideal fold for women is about ten millimeters from the eyelash line. In men, who generally have a lower natural fold, a high fold also looks good because the eyebrows are also generally lower and the high fold provides a more masculine look. Patients, especially women, who have a low palpebral fold should have the fold placed a bit higher. This result is achieved by making the cut on the skin higher than the natural fold but following its shape, and using fixed internal sutures. In addition, eyelid surgery today does not consist so much in removing fat; it is more focused on reducing the volume of fat and relocating it in areas that are fat deficient.

It is more important to identify skin that belongs to the eyelid from skin that belongs to the eyebrow. It is possible that what appears to be fallen eyelids are fallen eyebrows. This is corrected by an eyebrow lift performed preferably using an endoscopic method. This method consists of is when five small incisions made behind the hair line to allow access to the internal part of the eyebrow and the bone on the forehead. This procedure frees the eyebrow by making appropriate cuts in the deep tissue that allow the eyelid and the forehead to move so that they can fixed higher with the desired structure. In women, arched eyebrows are preferred, whereas with men, a straight higher position is desired. These incisions can weaken the muscles responsible for creating undesirable frown lines. 

Lower eyelids with fat herniation or so called sacks should be accessed internally. This method is known as internal or transconjunctival blepharoplasty. To rejuvenate this area, an orbital fat repositioning technique is used. The lower eyelids consist of three fat compartments. This technique eliminates having to cut the most lateral compartment while isolating the central and nasal compartments and relocating the fat in a pocket created under the part of eye where bags form. The eyelid is lifted and any depression is eliminated. This technique has been very successful in providing a truly rejuvenated appearance of the area with long lasting and more natural results.

Both men and women are candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery. Get correct advice and begin your rejuvenating journey.

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