Tear Duct Surgery

In order to stay clean and lubricated, the eyes need to constantly producing tears.  The tears are drained to the corner of the eye nearest the nose where they are eliminated naturally.  This area, known as the tear duct, can be obstructed as a result of a lesion, an infection, or a tumor.  Sometimes tear ducts are not created when babies are developing. Thus, tears begin to accumulate and roll down the face spontaneously, even when the person is not crying. In addition to the great discomfort caused to the person who has this condition, blockage of the tear duct could increase the number of eye infections. This is when surgery of the tear ducts is recommended.  With this surgery, the area is reconstructed so that the eye drains appropriately.

Dr. Carlos Pou is a specialist in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, and he works with problems that affect eyelids, orbit, and lacrimal system.  Call us!