Clenziderm MD System

Acne is a much more common condition than most people think.  Although many adolescents suffer from acne, it also impacts the adult population.  Acne is a disorder of the fat glands found in the skin, and it creates obvious marks on the skin, and sometimes they are painful. 

Clenziderm MD is a prescribed therapeutic system manufactured by Obagi, one of the most prestigious companies that produce prescription dermatology products in North America. It contains benzoyl peroxide, a component well known for its ability to quickly control acne problems.  In this case, it is a formula that penetrates much faster than the traditional formula, and it reaches the follicle where the root of the problem resides.

Clenziderm MD does not need to be used with antibiotics.  It does not create resistance and results can be seen in about two weeks.  In addition, this product:
    •    Eliminates the bacteria that cause acne 
    •    Removes dead cells that accumulate on the skin 
    •    Decreases oils on the skin

There are two simple systems available that can be completed in three short steps.  Clenziderm MD is available for normal to oily skin and normal to dry skin.  Which is best for you?  Call us for more information!