You look in the mirror and you seem lifeless, sad, and tired. Hold your fingers to your forehead and pull up. Your face changes, and you look more alive; you look happier. If this resembles your situation, you are probably a candidate for an eyebrow lift.

Endoscopic surgery gives you the opportunity to achieve better appearance. It is performed by making the smallest incisions to give your eyebrows new shape and higher arches. This surgical modality seeks to create the ideal eyebrow. In women, the ideal eyebrow forms an arch at the last third segment of the brow and gives the eye a more exotic appearance.

At the Instituto Cirugía Orbitofacial, we use endoscopic lifting (making small incisions) instead of traditional surgery that uses cuts in the shape of a crown. This kind of surgery occasionally produced loss of feeling in the scalp and at other times caused hair loss.

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